Congress of European Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology

28-31 August 2024
University of Veterinary Medicine


MYSTERY Slide Session

Carlo Masserdotti


Through the direct examination of cytology slides at the microscope, we would encourage the attendees to exchange opinions on interesting or unusual cytology cases and stimulate a discussion.

The session

The microscopes provided by the congress organization will allow the attendees to autonomously evaluate ten cytological smears/cases, for the entire duration of the congress. These cytology cases will then be discussed all together during the main session where all the participants will be warmly invited to actively participate by asking questions, commenting the cases and, if appropriate, even criticizing the main interpretation.

All the slides will be available for examination until the end of the meeting, in order to give participants the opportunity to re-check the slides after the discussion and to compare your own interpretation with the one provided.

A file with all the discussed and commented cases will be shared on the website of our society after the end of the congress, as soon as possible.

Enjoy your investigation!

CURRICULUM DR. Carlo Masserdotti

Carlo Masserdotti graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 1990 at the University of Milan.

From 1993 his interest was mainly focused on clinical pathology, particularly in diagnostic cytopathology, attending specialistic courses and reference institutions in Italy and in several other countries. He is the author of scientific papers, books and book chapters concerning cytopathology; he is a regular speaker at national and international meetings.

Since 1998 he has delivered lectures in the Cytology and Clinical Pathology course, organized by SCIVAC.

From 2001 until 2004 he was President of SICIV (Italian Society of Veterinary Cytology).

From 2003 until 2006 he was Vice-president of European Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

In 2005 he received the de-facto recognition as Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

In 2008 he achieved post-graduate Specialization in Clinical Biochemistry, at the University of Brescia.

Currently he is consultant in anatomic and clinical pathology at IDEXX Laboratories.

His research was mainly focused on cytologic features of spontaneous tumors and inflammatory diseases of companion animals; his scientific interest is mainly in hepatic cytology and histopathology: in 2024 he has published the book “Liver Cytology of the Dog and Cat”.

His sport is triathlon, preferably over long distances. His main personal interest is the history, art and architecture of Brescia, his city. He loves whales as the greatest expression of grace.